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Architectural Services Noosa Heads

Architecture Services Overview

Tim Ditchfield Architects have the capability and experience to engage with a diverse range of building projects.   We can offer partial or full architectural services with each project including:-

  • Schematic/Preliminary Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract Documentation (for Tender, Building Approval and Construction)
  • Contract Administration (during construction)

Initial Meeting

Prior to the preparation of a proposal for architectural services an introductory meeting is arranged to allow both parties to meet and have an informal discussion about the client’s vision of the project.

The preferred location for this meeting is on site.  After this initial meeting a Client/Architect Agreement is prepared for the client’s acceptance which outlines the fee for each stage of work.

Schematic/ Preliminary Design

This stage includes several meetings between the client and architect to produce a clear design concept reflecting the needs and wants of the client.

Generally in this stage free hand sketched drawings comprising a conceptual site plan, floor plan and exterior elevations are produced. A CAD 3D render may also be produced to give the client a better perspective of the concept design.

A preliminary estimate of the construction cost of the project is provided.

Design Development

Design development is a continuation of the schematic/conceptual design stage. With additional client meetings, this stage refines the initial concept.   Selection of finishes, fittings etc are finalised.  An updated estimate of construction cost is provided.

At this stage drawings are transformed into computer produced CAD documents.

Construction Documentation/Working drawings

With this phase, the client and architect will meet several times to review and approve the drawings that will be used for pricing, building approval and construction of the project.

The services of other consultants eg. Structural Engineers will be required to provide documentation to complete the construction drawings. These consultants can be recommended by the client or by the architect.

Tender Process

This stage of the project either can be organised by the Architect with the recommendation of preferred builders or by the Client who may have a preferred builder in mind.

Contract Administration

This stage occurs during construction of the project. The main purpose of this stage is to ensure the work being performed by the builder is in accordance with the prepared construction documentation.

Each month the contractors payment schedule and request for payment is reviewed and approved for payment by the client.